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“The Game Changers Inner Circle is the best
personal/business development I’ve ever been a part of.
It scares me to think I almost missed this.”
Justin Weeks
Founder of Achieving Autonomy,
Game Changers Inner Circle Member
"Already the first month of GCIC was the 2nd best month in my whole career in my 17 years of experience with my company!”
Stephan Poschik
CEO,  Feel The Energy 
KeyNote Speaker
"Your idea of providing a space for people to come into and change their mindset and elevate their success is needed at the highest level.

Especially in a world that’s so noisy and negative, and filled with so much mis-information. What you’re doing is extremely valuable”
Grant Cardone
Author – The 10x Rule & Serial Entrepreneur
“I went from working 70 hours a week to working just 20 or 30Best of all, I’m making more money than ever.”
Liz Cox
Founder of Books To Go Bookkeeping,
Game Changers Inner Circle Member
"Peter Voogd Inspires Us To Re-Think Everything We've Learned About Entrepreneurship"